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2007.07.23(Review of 2004.03.24 edition)

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One of the greatest practical lessons we can teach our children is how to live within their means. This week, we'll explore the consequences of neglecting this important lesson!

Today's Lesson OVEREXTENDED   支払い能力以上の債務を負った、手を広げすぎた


  • To be overextended is to have too few resources to comfortably manage your debts, work commitments, etc.
  • overextended は、債務や業務の遂行などを適切に管理するための充分な資金、資源、方法などが足りない状態のことです。



  1. I don't think that high school could handle 100 more students. Their teachers are already overextended as it is.
  2. Emergency response organizations were seriously overextended during the disaster.
  3. Rising interest rates are making life very difficult for many financially overextended consumers.
  4. The company was overextended on credit and needed to raise some capital fast.
  5. If you find yourself overextended with debt, maybe it's time to seek the help of a financial advisor.

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