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2008.11.13(Review of 2005.03.09 edition)

Hello again!

Today's WordMaster@Work is a little out of the ordinary, but we know that it's information you can use, and use often!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
E-MAIL & WEB ADDRESSES   Eメールとウェブアドレス


  • There are several symbols that are commonly used in e-mail and Web addresses. Here's how to say them when telling someone an address:

    @at.dot/forward slash-hyphen_underscore
    Be Careful! When saying the @ symbol, we don't say “at mark” like the Japanese アットマーク.
  • Eメールやウェブアドレスにはよく使われる記号がいくつかあります。ここでは、アドレスを人に伝えられるよう、読み方を紹介します。

    注意:@ 記号について言うとき、日本語のように「アットマーク」とは言いません。



  1. My e-mail address is gwf6794@berlitznet.co.jp. (= g w f 6 7 9 4 at berlitznet dot c o dot j p)
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    (= w w w dot wordmaster dot j p forward slash)
  3. a: What's your e-mail address?
    b: It's jane_doe-smith@berlitznet.com. There's an underscore between my first and last names, and Doe-Smith has a hyphen.

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