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Hello, and welcome back! We hope your three-day weekend was a full and pleasant one.

This week we direct our attention to some of the more important physical structures found in offices. These are items that you should be able to put a name to with confidence. We'll begin by looking at some interior furnishing that practically defines the modern office!

Today's Lesson
PARTITION / CUBICLE   間仕切り/小個室(小部屋)


  • A partition (noun) is a wall or wall-like object used to separate a space from the rest of a room.

    To partition (verb) something is to divide or separate it using a partition.

    A cubicle is a small area that has been partitioned off from the rest of a room; for example, a work area for one person in an office.
  • 名詞の partition とは、部屋のスペースを仕切るために使う、壁や壁のような物、つまり、間仕切りやパーティションのことです。

    動詞の partition は、間仕切りを使って、何かを分割したり隔離したりする、という意味です。

    cubicle とは、例えば会社内の個人の仕事スペースなど、部屋の中で仕切られた小さなスペース、つまり、小個室(小部屋)のことです。



  1. There are low partitions between desks to give employees a little privacy.
  2. This used to be one large office before we partitioned the space into individual work areas.
  3. Why don't you partition off a corner of the office, put a table and chairs in there, and use it as a meeting space?
  4. Tony works in the cubicle next to mine.
  5. a: I'm looking for Michael Jones in Payroll.
    b: He's in the third cubicle on the left.
  6. The study cubicles at the library fill up fast, so you need to get there early.

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