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Do you have too much on your plate these days? If so, you'll have no trouble finding a use for today's expression!

Today's Lesson
OVERCOMMIT   能力以上のことを引き受ける


  • To overcommit is to agree to do more than you are capable of.
  • overcommit とは、自分の能力以上のことを引き受ける、という意味です。



  1. When I first started working freelance, it was easy to overcommit myself. It took me a few years to learn when to say no.
  2. I am NOT a workaholic! I'd love to have more free time. It's just that I'm overworked and overcommitted right now.
  3. The company has been having some cash flow problems recently. They're overcommitted financially, so most of their revenue has to be used to pay off some heavy debts.

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