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2008.09.10(Review of 2006.08.03 edition)

Breaking up is ALWAYS hard to do, but a little (or a lot!) of this can help ease the pain!


  • Severance pay or severance is money that a company gives to an employee who has lost his/her job.
  • severance pay あるいは severance とは、解雇した元従業員に対して企業が支払う手当のことです。



  1. You'll be entitled to receive three months' severance pay after your second year at the company.
  2. I used my severance pay to buy a tractor trailer so I could start a career as a long-distance trucker.
  3. Of course I didn't like being let go, but the generous severance package sure made leaving easier.
  4. Just two weeks after collecting severance from my previous employer, I was hired by another company.

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