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2006.07.06(Review of 2003.10.28 edition)

Hello! Yesterday we introduced a couple of words that can sound awfully unpleasant, even when you're not the person whose job is being taken away. So we'd also like to show you a gentler way of saying the same thing. Here it is ...

Today's Lesson
LET (someone) GO   解雇する


  • Let go is a gentler way of saying fire or lay off.
  • let go は、解雇する、という意味で、fire や lay off の婉曲表現です。


  1. They had to let 500 employees go because of the stagnant economy.
  2. My boss told me today that I was being let go. July 31st will be my last day of work.
  3. a: What happened to Mr. Anderson? His office is empty.
    b: Didn't you know? He was let go last week.

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