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2008.04.30(Review of 2004.02.26 edition)

Welcome back! We hope you had a pleasant day off yesterday. If you'll be flying somewhere this Golden Week, you may want to pay special attention to today's edition.

An airport can be a place of high stress and unwelcome crowds, especially during the holidays! But there is a place where a lucky few can find peace and comfort...

Today's Lesson


  • An airport lounge is a private area inside an airport, where - depending on the airline that provides the lounge - frequent flyers, first-class passengers, and other selected passengers and crew can wait for their flight more comfortably than in the ordinary waiting area.
  • airport lounge は、空港の中にある、航空会社が提供するプライベートなラウンジのことです。飛行機を頻繁に利用する人や、ファーストクラス、その他の選ばれた乗客や乗務員たちが、通常の待合所よりも快適に、フライトまでの時間を過ごすことができる場所です。



  1. a: How was your flight?
    b: Great! I had enough frequent flyer miles this time to use the airport lounge. What a luxury - leather sofas, great martinis, and no crowds!
  2. (passenger at airport information)
    Could you please tell me where the airport lounge for Berlitz Airways is?
  3. (business traveler)
    I'll probably try to get some work done in the airport lounge during my layover.

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