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2008.03.27(Review of 2004.07.28 edition)

Fewer and fewer people stay at one company their whole lives anymore, and the practice of changing jobs every few years has even come to be considered the norm in some countries. But change jobs too often and you may “make a name” for yourself - a name that just might hamstring your career!

Today's Lesson
JOB-HOPPER   職を転々とする人


  • To job-hop is to change jobs often.

    Someone who does this is a job-hopper.
  • job-hop とは、仕事を頻繁に変える、という意味です。

    そのような人のことを、job-hopper と言います。



  1. I could afford to job-hop when the economy was strong, but with the recent downturn, I think I'll stay where I am for a while.
  2. After several years of job-hopping, I think I've finally found a company that's a good fit for me.
  3. (HR manager to president)
    a: I have some reservations about this applicant. Four jobs in four years!
    b: Oh, a real job-hopper, is he?

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