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For Life

It's great to see you again! Welcome to the first WordMaster edition of September - definitely one of our top 12 favorite months of the year!

We had a rather long short-list of possible themes for this week, and the choice was a difficult one. So we threw away the short-list and made “Choices” our theme instead. We hope you'll be pleased with our decision!

Today's Lesson
DECIDE   決定する、決心する


  • To decide something is to make a choice.

    A decision is a choice.
  • decide とは、決定する、決心する、という意味です。

    decision は、決定のことです。



  1. a: Would you rather have Italian or Chinese food tonight?
    b: It's your birthday. You decide.
  2. I've decided not to buy her a present. I'm going to give her some money instead.
  3. Have you decided what you're going to wear to the party yet?
  4. a: Why on earth did you decide to move to Hokkaido? You hate the cold.
    b: It wasn't my decision. My company is sending me there.
  5. a: Has Toby decided whether or not he's going to apply to graduate school?
    b: Not yet, but he'll have to make a decision soon.
  6. Leaving her family and friends to move to the city was one of the most difficult decisions she's ever had to make.
  7. The governor's decision not to approve the opening of the new casino surprised everyone.

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