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For Life

Welcome to Friday, the final movement of our five-part grand concerto in honor of music!

Today's Lesson


  • Someone's voice is the sound they make when speaking or singing.

    Vocal music is music composed for or performed by one or more singers.
  • voice とは、人が話したり、歌ったりするときに作り出す音、つまり、声のことです。

    vocal music とは、1人または複数の歌手が歌う、あるいは、そのために作曲された曲のことで、声楽曲、または、ボーカル・ミュージックと言います。



  1. He's been in 57 movies and has one of the most recognizable (= easy to recognize) voices in Hollywood.
  2. She's rather shy and always speaks in a very quiet voice.
  3. What an amazing singer! She has a voice like an angel.
  4. The movie has a terrific soundtrack of classic vocal music from the 1940s.

英会話レッスンKeep a smile on your face and a tune in your heart, and have a terrific weekend!