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The sea is never at rest, and sometimes this fact is as impossible to forget as a toothache - or a bellyache!

Today's Lesson
SEASICK   船酔いした


  • To be seasick is to feel dizzy or sick in your stomach because of the rocking of a ship or boat on the water, especially on the ocean.

    Seasickness is this condition.
  • seasick は、主に海上で、船やボートの揺れが原因でフラフラしたり、吐き気がしたりする状態、つまり、船酔いした、という意味です。

    seasickness は、このような状態のことで、船酔い、という意味です。



  1. (passengers on a whale-watching boat)
    a: What's wrong, James?
    b: I'm feeling a little seasick. I didn't think the water would be this rough.
  2. The ferry ride took six hours, and I was seasick the whole way.
  3. a: How about taking a cruise for our honeymoon?
    b: No way! You know I get seasick on boats.
  4. A few things you can do to prevent seasickness are to stay busy, get lots of fresh air, eat light, and drink plenty of water.

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