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Today's Lesson


  • A honeymoon  is a vacation trip taken by a man and woman who have just gotten married.

    To BE "on a honeymoon" is to be on such a trip. To GO "on a honeymoon" is to take such a trip.
  • honeymoon  は、結婚したての男女が行く旅行、つまり、新婚旅行のことです。

    BE on a honeymoon  は、新婚旅行中、GO on a honeymoon  は、新婚旅行に行く、という意味です。


  1. I had such a wonderful time on my honeymoon!  It was the best trip of my life.
  2. a: Is Tatsuya back yet?
    b: No, he's still on his honeymoon.
  3. Where are you going on your honeymoon?
  4. Bob and Sarah went to Maui on their honeymoon.  
  5. We're not going on a honeymoon. We've decided to use the money to buy a house instead.

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