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Hello, how did you enjoy your long Marine Day weekend? We've always loved the idea of celebrating the sea - we are, after all, the fortunate residents of the only planet in the solar system where you can surf, sail, and scuba dive! So we're taking to the water this week with a post-Marine Day special!

Let's raise anchor, hoist the sails, and set a course for the open ocean!

Today's Lesson
CORAL / REEF   サンゴ/礁


  • Coral is a rock-like material made by tiny organisms (= living things) in warm oceans.

    A reef is a long mass of rock, sand, or coral rising to just above or below the surface of the water.
  • coral は、温暖な海中で、微生物によって形成される岩のような物質、つまり、サンゴのことです。

    reef は、水面すれすれに見える岩や砂やサンゴの塊、つまり、礁のことです。



  1. a: Where did you get this beautiful piece of coral?
    b: A friend bought it for me as a souvenir from Okinawa.
  2. They say that coralreefs are the tropical rainforests of the ocean. They're home to a huge variety of animal and plant species.
  3. Vincent and Kyle are going diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia next month.
  4. (on a small boat)
    Slow down! There's a reef up ahead.

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