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Here's a word specially reserved for the really important promises in life!

Today's Lesson
(wedding) VOW   (結婚の)誓い


  • A vow (noun) is a serious, often formal promise to do something.

    The verb form is also vow.
  • 名詞の vow とは、何かをするという改まった約束のことで、フォーマルな場での誓いとしてよく使われます。

    動詞形は vow で、誓う、という意味です。

(wedding) VOW


  1. Jack and Diane wrote their own wedding vows.
  2. a: Did you make any New Year's resolutions this year?
    b: Just one. I made a vow to myself to take that trip to East Africa I've always dreamed of.
  3. The groom vowed that he would “love, honor, and cherish” the bride “until death do us part.”
  4. When I was finally able to leave the hospital, I vowed to quit smoking and take good care of myself for a change. Five years later and I've never been healthier!

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