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Inspired by the spring equinox taking place this Thursday, we're taking to the skies - like migrating birds looking for somewhere to raise a family or vacationing college students just looking for a place to have a good time. ... Grab your ticket and come along!

Today's Lesson
FLIGHT (ATTENDANT)   フライト/客室乗務員


  • A flight is a scheduled airplane trip.

    A flight attendant is an airline employee who serves passengers on an airplane.
  • flight とは、定期的な飛行機の航行、つまり、フライトのことです。

    flight attendant は、飛行機の中で、乗客にサービスをする航空会社の社員、つまり、客室乗務員のことです。



  1. (travel agent to customer)
    I've reserved two seats for you on Flight 57 to Orlando, leaving at 11:30 in the morning on April 23rd.
  2. (to a passenger getting off a plane)
    a: You look tired.
    b: I am tired. It was a long flight.
  3. (to an airline ticket agent)
    Will you be serving a meal on the flight?
  4. I overslept and almost missed my flight.
  5. (passengers on an airplane)
    a: (pointing at the armrest on his seat) Do you know what this button is for?
    b: You press it to call a flight attendant.
  6. Our daughter is a flight attendant, so we're able to fly for free.

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