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For Life
2008.03.10(Review of 2001.07.18 edition)

Greetings, and welcome to the second half of our mini-series on Television: The King of Popular Entertainment!! So turn down the lights, sit back, and enjoy all the drama and thrills that only the WordMaster Show can bring!

Today's Lesson
CHANNEL   チャンネル


  • A channel is the number that identifies a particular TV station. You use the channel (number) to find a station's programs on your television set.
  • channel は、特定のテレビ局を示す番号です。ある番組を見るために、その番組をやっているテレビ局のチャンネル(番号)に合わせます。



  1. a: What channel is that program on?
    b: It's on Channel 96.
  2. (fictional announcement in a local newspaper)
    BEN-TV, the Berlitz Educational Network, will begin broadcasting on Channel 77 from April 1st.
  3. Do you mind if we change the channel? I've seen this episode a hundred times (= many times).
  4. There's a new cable channel that shows nothing but American comedy and dramatic series from the '70s and '80s.

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