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OF ALL TIME   史上最も~な


  • To be the best, fastest, highest, etc. of all time is to be better, faster, higher, etc. than any other that has come before.

    When used BEFORE a noun or adjective, this expression becomes all-time; for example, “an all-time record” or “his all-time best score”.
  • 例えば、最も良い、最も速い、最も高いなどの状態を表したい場合に of all time を使うと、それまでのどんなものよりも、より~である、つまり、史上最も~な、という意味になります。

    この表現を名詞や形容詞の前に使う場合、all-time となります。例えば、an all-time record(史上最高記録)や、his all-time best score(彼の最高スコア)のようになります。



  1. I printed out a list of the 100 best movies of all time to take with me whenever I go to the video store.
  2. a: Isaac Newton was probably the greatest scientist of all time.
    b: Or maybe Einstein?
  3. (fictional news report)
    The price of oil reached an all-time high yesterday.
  4. a: My brother holds the all-time record for the most hot dogs eaten in 12 minutes.
    b: Really? How many did he eat?
    a: 66!
  5. (listening to the radio at a friend's house)
    Do you mind if I turn up the volume? This is my all-time favorite song!

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