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It's that time again, and we'll waste none of it with small talk today. Enjoy your Tuesday WordMaster!

Today's Lesson
ALL THE TIME   その間ずっと、いつでも


  • To do something all the time is to do it very often or continuously.
  • all the time とは、とても頻繁に、あるいは継続的に何かを行う、という意味です。



  1. Thanks again for the nice coffee grinder you gave me for Christmas. I use it all the time.
  2. (a tall man hitting his head on a doorframe)
    a: Ow!
    b: Oh, are you alright?
    a: Yes, I'm okay. ... It happens all the time.
  3. a: I feel so stupid. I fell asleep on the train today, and the conductor had to wake me up at the last stop.
    b: Don't worry about it. I do it all the time.
  4. a: Have you ever been to the Berlitz Bistro?
    b: Sure, I go there all the time.
  5. a: Should I turn my computer off whenever I'm not using it?
    b: I don't think you have to. We leave the computers at the office on all the time.
  6. They say our minds are thinking all the time, even while we sleep.

英会話レッスンIf you're ever asked whether you've heard of Berlitz WordMaster, now you know the perfect response: “Of course, I read it all the time!”