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2007.06.04(Review of 2004.02.09 edition)


Most of the time, we like to group topics into themes so that we can spend a week or two focusing on related vocabulary. But sometimes it's fun to select unrelated topics, simply because each is useful and interesting. Well, this is one of those weeks, and we think you're going to enjoy it!

Today's Lesson
BUZZ / BUZZWORD   うわさ/専門的流行語


  • Buzz is excited talk about the latest, often unconfirmed, information.

    A buzzword is a trendy word or phrase expressing an idea that is currently popular within a particular field or group.
  • buzz は、最新の(多くの場合、未確認の)情報についての興味本位の話、という意味です。

    buzzword は、そのときに、特定の分野や集団の内部で広まっている考えを表す、流行の単語や言い回しのことです。



  1. (two colleagues)
    a: So, what's the buzz from headquarters?
    b: Well, it sounds like the vice president might be resigning. They say he's been headhunted by a rival company.
  2. (colleagues talking about a proposed R&D facility)
    Have you heard the latest buzz? Apparently, the government has finally approved construction of the Wisconsin facility. There's going to be an official announcement about it tomorrow.
  3. Their new product line is generating (= creating) lots of buzz. All the industry magazines are giving it rave reviews.
  4. “Internationalization” (国際化) is a buzzword that's been popular among Japanese government officials for many years.
  5. Podcasting and blogging have become the latest buzzwords in online marketing.

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