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2007.05.10(Review of 2004.10.29 edition)

The first (English) letters a child learns when entering school are A-B-C. Today we give you some of the first letters an adult must learn when entering the workplace!

Today's Lesson
IRS / NTA   国税局(アメリカ)/国税庁(日本)


  • The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is the United States government agency responsible for collecting taxes from individuals and businesses.

    The Japanese government office charged with this kind of work is called the NTA (National Tax Agency) in English.
  • IRS (Internal Revenue Service) は、個人や企業から税金を徴収する業務を担当するアメリカの政府機関のことです。

    日本で同じような役割をもつ政府機関のことは、英語で NTA (National Tax Agency) と言います。



  1. Every working individual in the United States must declare their income to the IRS - even the President!
  2. I had a question about how to fill out one of my tax forms, so I called the IRS.
    I was surprised how friendly and helpful they were.
  3. I owe the NTA¥700,000 in taxes this year. Maybe taking early retirement wasn't such a good idea.

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