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For Life
2007.04.17(Review of 2002.11.19 edition)

There are certain expressions that one uses over and over again when speaking Japanese. 「頑張って!」, yesterday's WordMaster, is one of them. All this week, we're showing you how to take these quintessentially Japanese expressions and turn them into natural-sounding English. Here's another!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
POOR (Johnny)!   かわいそうに…、かわいそうな(ジョニー)!


  • Use the expression Poor ...! when you want to say 「かわいそうに…。」 to show that you feel bad for a person or animal.
  • 「かわいそうに…。」や「かわいそうな~!」と、ある人や動物を気の毒に思っている気持ちを表したいときは、Poor ...! と言います。Poor の後にその人や動物の名前を続けます。


  1. a: Have you heard the news? Adam told Miwa that he can't marry her. He's met someone else.
    b: Oh no! Poor Miwa!
  2. (Yoshi's mother to Yoshi's grandmother)
    a: Yoshi didn't get into ANY of the universities he applied to.
    b: Poor Yoshi! He must be so disappointed.
  3. a: Look at that cat over there. I think it's leg is broken.
    b: Poor thing!

英会話レッスンPeople will be calling us “Poor WordMaster” if you don't join us again tomorrow. So see you then!