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Monday greetings to you. It's nice to be back!

With Golden Week just a few weeks away, it won't be long before much of Japan takes to the skies and heads overseas to enjoy that rarest of commodities these days: leisure! WordMaster would like to wish you bon voyage during the next two weeks with a set of words selected to help you make it out of the airport with a minimum of fuss!

Today's Lesson
IMMIGRATION / CUSTOMS   入国審査 / 税関、関税


  • Immigration is the place at an airport, seaport, or international border crossing where travelers' passports or other documents are checked.

    Customs is the place where bags are checked for illegal or taxable items before travelers can enter a country. Customs are also the tax collected on some items when they are brought into a country.
  • immigration とは、空港や港、その他の国境地点で、旅行者のパスポートなどの書類を確認する場所、つまり、入国審査のことです。

    customs は、旅行者が入国する前に、荷物に不法なものや課税すべきものがないか確認する場所、つまり、税関のことです。また、customs は、ある品物を国に持ち込む際に課せられる税金、つまり、関税をさすこともあります。


  1. After you go through immigration, please proceed to the baggage claim area.
  2. I was very impressed by the immigration officer. He was so friendly and polite.
  3. (in an airport lobby; to a friend arriving from abroad)
    a: What took you so long to come out? They said your flight landed over an hour ago.
    b: Sorry, there was a long line at customs.
  4. Are you sure you want to take your car with you when you move overseas?
    I think customs and shipping charges are going to be pretty high.

英会話レッスンDon't forget to take your passport!