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For Life
2007.03.15(Review of 2003.04.08 edition)

Let's face it, if you can't get past today's WordMaster, you won't have much else to say about your job. So learn this expression well!

Today's Lesson
WORK FOR   ~に勤めている


  • When asked what they do for a living, many Japanese employees say they are “a salaryman” or “an OL”.
    A natural way to answer this question in correct English is “I work for + NAME OF ORGANIZATION.”
  • 仕事について尋ねられたとき、会社に勤めている多くの日本人は、
    “a salaryman” や “an OL”と答えてしまいます。英語では、このように尋ねられたときは、「I work for +会社名」と言うのが自然な答え方です。


  1. a: What do you do (for a living)?
    b: I work for Berlitz.
  2. a: What kind of work does Camille do?
    b: She works for the Ministry of Education at their headquarters in Paris.
  3. a: What does your son want to do after he graduates?
    b: He'd like to work for the Berlitz Fund for the Environment. He's always loved wildlife and the outdoors.

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