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2007.03.14(Review of 2003.04.07 edition)

Happy White Day! If you were hoping for chocolate, you're out of luck, but we've brought you something far tastier. Here's a WordMaster that should prove extremely useful very soon, as Japan's college graduates don their new suits and head for the workplace!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
NEW EMPLOYEE   新入社員、新人


  • A new employee is someone who has recently started working at a company or other organization.

    Be Careful! Although the expression new employee can be used to talk about an employee who has just graduated from college (= 新入社員), it can also be used more generally to talk about any employee who is new to an organization.
  • new employee は、最近、企業や組織で働き始めたばかりの人、つまり、新入社員のことです。

    注意:new employee は、大学を卒業したばかりの新入社員だけでなく、もっと広い意味で、新しく会社に入ってきた人のこともさします。


  1. It's easy to spot the new employees on the trains in April, because most of them are wearing brand new suits.
  2. I sure hope there are some cute guys among the new employees this year.I'm dying for a little office romance.
  3. (personnel manager to employee)
    There will be three new employees joining our staff in April. You'll be in charge of showing them around the office and helping with any questions they might have.
  4. a: Who's the new employee?
    b: His name is John Davis. He was transferred from the Seattle office last week.

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