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Some of us like to go it alone, while others prefer to have a traveling companion along the way. If you enjoy having company (= If you like being with other people), then maybe this type of company (= business organization) is for you!

Today's Lesson
PARTNER(SHIP)   共同経営者(共同経営)


  • A partnership is a company owned and operated by two or more people who provide a share of the capital and share the company's profits and losses.

    A business partner is one of the owners of a partnership.
  • partnership とは、二人またはそれ以上の人が所有、運営する会社、つまり、共同経営のことで、この人たちが資本の一部を提供し、会社の損益を共有するものです。

    business partner とは、このような会社の所有主、共同経営者の一人、という意味です。


  1. Do you really think it's wise to enter into (= start) a business partnership with your best friend?
  2. After three years in the red, the partnership was dissolved (= ended).
  3. My daughter was just made partner at the law firm of Berlitz & Berlitz.

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