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2006.07.11(Review of 2003.11.10 edition)

We are the sum of all our past thoughts and actions, and we live with the results. A business, too, is the sum total of decisions made and implemented in the past. The trouble is, it's not always possible to forecast the future results of the actions we take!

Today's Lesson
CONSEQUENCE   (よくない)結果


  • A consequence is a result (especially a negative one) caused by a previous action, situation, etc.
  • consequences は、事前の行動や状況などがもたらす事態、つまり、結果、という意味で、特に好ましくない結果をさすときに使います。


  1. The consequences of plagiarism can be devastating. It can bring an early end to any writer's career.
  2. The lawyer argued that the employee's death was a direct consequence of overwork and stress.
  3. Rapidly increasing oil prices have had serious consequences for the transportation industry.
  4. Our production has fallen by 65% as a consequence of the workers' strike.
  5. Unless we deal with this problem now, we'll be suffering the consequences for years to come.

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