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2006.07.03(Review of 2003.12.02 edition)

We're back with another week of Berlitz WordMaster@Work - the perfect, painless way to build a business vocabulary that will be the envy of all your colleagues!

Now, about this week's theme. We'll be frank - it's anything but lighthearted. With guaranteed lifetime employment now just a warm and fuzzy memory from the past (that is, if you're old enough to remember it at all), talk of job loss is being heard more and more often. So we've prepared a set of five important expressions on this theme to share with you this week. Here's the first!

Today's Lesson


  • Labor costs are the amounts of money an organization must spend to keep its employees, including wages, salaries, and benefits.
  • labor costs は、従業員を雇う上で、企業が賄わなければならない費用のことで、給料、保険、諸手当てなどがそれに含まれます。


  1. Labor costs account for 70% of our operating budget.
  2. High local labor costs forced the firm to outsource much of its routine work.
  3. We're limiting overtime to 10 hours per week in order to cut labor costs.
  4. The plant manager was unable to control labor costs and had to be replaced.

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