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Hello again!

Just a reminder before we begin today's edition: Starting tomorrow, Berlitz WordMaster will be taking a weeklong break for the New Year's holiday. We'll be back again on Friday (January 5th), and we hope you'll join us then.

Now for the final WordMaster edition of 2006!

Today's Lesson


  • The trunk of a tree is the main stem - usually the thickest part of the tree.

    The branches are the long, woody parts of the tree that grow out from the trunk.
  • trunk とは、木の中心となる部分、つまり、幹のことで、通常はその木のいちばん太い部分です。

    branch は、幹から伸びる長くて木質な部分、つまり、枝のことです。


  1. The eastern white pine has a tall, straight trunk and was often used to make masts for ships.
  2. They dug a tunnel through the trunk of the tree that was big enough to drive a car through.
  3. (talking about a large tree behind his house)
    I think I'd better cut that long branch before it breaks off and falls through the roof.
  4. The branches of the tree were covered with snow, and a songbird was feeding on the red berries.
  5. Many people decorate their homes with pine branches during the New Year's holiday.

英会話レッスンHave a very happy New Year!!