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Greetings! This week, the people of Japan will be visited by the shortest day of the year. We've prepared a four-part series to mark the event, which we hope will brighten your spirits a little during the long hours of darkness!

Today's Lesson


  • The equator is the imaginary circle around the earth that lies exactly halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole.
  • equator とは、北極点と南極点のちょうど中間にあって、地球を回っている想像上の円、つまり、赤道、という意味です。


  1. The equator runs through Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia, and a number of other countries.
  2. Because the sun is so strong at the equator, it's important to protect your skin.
  3. (while looking at Mt. Kilimanjaro)
    It's amazing that there can be snow on a mountain just 200 miles south of the equator.
  4. (on the phone with a friend in Singapore)
    a: What's the weather like there?
    b: Well, we're right on the equator, so it's hot all year round.

英会話レッスンMay it be a day filled with sunshine and spices in the air!