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For Life
2005.03.16(Review of 2001.08.21 edition)

Here's a look back at an archived edition of Berlitz WordMaster from August 2001 that fits in nicely with the week's theme!

Today's Lesson
RIGHT (across from)   ちょうど(向かいに)


  • When used with expressions of place or time, right can mean “exactly” or “just”. It is used to stress the word or phrase that follows. For example, when we say, “Her house is right across from ours,” we are stressing that her house is EXACTLY opposite ours.
  • right は、場所や時間を言うときに使うと、「ちょうど」という意味になり、次に来る単語やフレーズを強調する働きをします。例えば、Her house is right across from ours.(彼女の家は我が家のちょうど向かいにあります)という文は、真向かいにあるということを強調しています。


  1. Paul's desk is right next to mine, so we talk to each other a lot in class.
  2. Don't go anywhere. Stay right there. I'll be back in a minute.
  3. a: Where did I put my glasses?
    b: They're on the table, right in front of you.
  4. a: Do I have time to change my shirt?
    b: No. We have to leave right now. We're already late.
  5. I usually go to the gym right after work, before I go home.
  6. (arriving for a meeting)
    a: (breathing heavily) I ran all the way from the station. Am I late?
    b: No, youre right on time. We were just about to start.

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