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For Life
2006.11.21(Review of 2003.04.10 edition)

If you like variety in your work, then maybe today's WordMaster is for you!

Today's Lesson
TEMP   臨時雇い、派遣社員


  • A temp is someone hired by a company for only a short period of time (they are TEMP-orary, not permanent), often working for a number of companies one after the other.
  • temp は、短期間のみ、その会社に雇われる人(一時的なもので永続的ではありません)、つまり、臨時の社員や派遣社員のことで、次々と会社を変えて働く人が多いです。


  1. I really enjoy being a temp because I'm always doing something different.
  2. a: I love working with Jessica. She's attractive, fun, intelligent ...
    b:  Don't get too fond of her. Remember, she's a temp and will be leaving in a month.
  3. There's just too much work for the two of us to do by ourselves. We should hire some temps to help us.

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