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For Life
2006.02.06(Review of 2004.02.09 edition)

Welcome to the start of another week of Berlitz WordMaster! Actually, it's the start of a very special TWO weeks. Valentine's Day will soon be here, love is in the air, and now it's on the Net too! For the next nine editions, we're going to follow the drama that occurs between a man and a woman, from the time they meet to the time they ... Well, we won't tell you how the story ends just yet!

Get your handkerchief out!

Today's Lesson


  • Someone is attractive if they look or behave in a way that you think is pleasant, especially when it makes you romantically interested in them.
  • 人に対して attractive を用いると、その人の外見や行動が好ましいという意味で、特にそれが相手に、恋愛対象としての関心をもたせる場合に使います。


  1. a: What's Gary's new girlfriend like?
    b: She's funny, intelligent, and very attractive. Gary's a lucky guy!
  2. I didn't find him attractive at all. All he talked about during the entire meal was himself.
  3. Who's that attractive man over there? I've never seen him before.

英会話レッスンThe love story continues tomorrow!