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For Life

Hello, and welcome back to Berlitz WordMaster!

Well, we've done it before, and we'll almost certainly do it again. There's nothing we like better at this time of year than to be on four wheels cruising towards someplace new and exciting. This week, the WordMaster team takes a road trip! Won't you come along?

Today's Lesson
MAP / ATLAS   地図/地図帳


  • A map is a drawing that shows the shape and location of countries, towns, roads, buildings, rivers, mountains, etc.

    An atlas is a book of maps.
  • map とは、国や町、道、建物、川、山などの形や位置を示す図のことです。

    atlas とは、地図を集めた本のことです。


  1. I have a large map of Europe on the wall above my bed.
  2. a: How do I get to your house from the station?
    b: I'll draw you a map.
  3. I've never been able to read a map, so I just leave the driving to my wife whenever we take a trip.
  4. Kyle told me to turn east on Lowell Avenue, but I can't find that street on the map.
  5. I always keep a road map in the car and a subway map in my wallet.
  6. My son has spent whole afternoons looking through our big world atlas.
  7. We bought a used car and a road atlas of Africa and took the trip of a lifetime.

英会話レッスンWe'll be back on the open road tomorrow. In the meantime, we'll save the passenger seat for you!