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It's great to be here with you again! We're going to begin a two-week long series today in honor of Earth Day, which is coming next week on the 22nd of April. For this series, we've prepared a special set of greetings that match the spirit of this important day. We'll be giving you one idea each day about how to live in a way that is gentle on the planet. Hopefully you'll find one or two that you've never thought of before. Enjoy these, and try them out if you can!

Today's Lesson
ENERGY   エネルギー


  • Energy is a source of power, such as gasoline and coal, that can be used in automobiles, homes, factories, etc.

    Energy from the sun is "solar energy" and energy from the atom is "nuclear energy".
  • energy は、ガソリンや石炭など、車、家、工場などで使われるパワーの源になる物です。

    太陽エネルギーは、solar energy原子力は、nuclear energy といいます。


  1. Japan must import huge amounts of oil to meet its energy needs.
  2. Energy prices have a big influence on the economy.
  3. Home energy costs usually increase during the hot summer months because air conditioners use a lot of electricity.
  4. a: Did you know that space stations are powered by solar energy?
    b: That makes sense. They certainly never have to worry about clouds, that's for sure!
  5. Many people feel we shouldn't rely on nuclear energy because they're worried about its safety.

That's about all the energy we've got for today. Bye!