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For Life
2006.02.13(Review of 2004.07.27 edition)

Greetings, and welcome back to romance - WordMaster style! For the past week, we've been following the relationship that's developing between a man and a woman. Last Monday they were strangers; now they're a couple. Where will they go from here? Well, that's the mystery that is going to make this week so interesting!

Today's Lesson
SEE (= date)   付き合う


  • To see someone can mean to date them.
  • see は、誰かと交際する、という意味で使われることがあります。


  1. a: Are you seeing anyone?
    b: Yes. It's someone from the office.
  2. I think we should stop seeing each other for a while. All we seem to do is fight these days.
  3. a: Are you and Eri still going out?
    b: No. I started seeing someone else.

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