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For Life
2006.01.26(Review of 2002.01.29 edition)

By now, you should know how to use “Why?” and “How come?” Here's one more expression to complete the set!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
WHAT FOR?   なんで?


  • What for? is another informal way of asking “Why?”

    Be Careful! When making a question with the expression What for?, put “What” at the beginning of the sentence and “for” at the end.
  • What for? は、「なぜ?」と尋ねるくだけた表現のひとつです。

    注意:What for? という表現を使って疑問文を作るとき、What は文頭に、for は文末に置きます。


  1. (driving on a country road)
    a: Shouldn't you slow down?
    b: What for? There's no one else on the road.
  2. a: I quit my job yesterday.
    b: What did you do that for? I thought you liked working there.
  3. What are you wearing a sweater for? It's 30 degrees outside.

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