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For Life
2006.01.25(Review of 2002.01.28 edition)

Are you tired of using the same old word to ask “Why?” Well, then here's another way to ask that useful question!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
HOW COME?   なんで?


  • How come? means “Why?” and is often used in informal conversation.
  • How come? は、「なぜ?」という意味で、くだけた会話の中でよく使われます。


  1. (two people at the ballet)
    a: When is this supposed to end?
    b: How come? Aren't you enjoying it?
  2. a: How come Mary wasn't at the meeting?
    b: She called in sick this morning.
  3. a: How come I always find your wet towels on the coffee table?
    b: Sorry. I just leave them there without thinking.

英会話レッスンHow come our visits with you always seem to end so quickly?