RECORD (= past performance)の意味、記録(= 過去の業績)

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Today's WordMaster edition comes with a moral: You can't escape your past!

Today's Lesson
RECORD (= past performance)   記録(= 過去の業績)


  • The record of a person or organization is everything that is known about their previous accomplishments, performance, or actions.
  • ある人物や組織の record とは、認知されている過去の業績や成績、活動などの全てをさします。


  1. This applicant has an outstanding record and did well in the interview, but I think she may be overqualified for the position.
  2. Since the new CEO took charge, that company's performance record has improved substantially.
  3. Accidental Air has the worse safety record among the world's major airlines.
  4. (college career counselor to the school's top student)
    With an academic record like yours, you should be able to get any job you want.

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