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2005.12.12(Review of 2005.01.13 edition)

Hello! It's a pleasure to be bringing you another week of WordMaster@Work. This week will center around the “performance review”, which is also today's topic. It's our hope that you'll be pleased with what you read and learn between now and Friday!

Today's Lesson


  • A performance review is a discussion (or the written results of the discussion) between an employee and his supervisor about the quality of the employee's work.
  • performance review は、従業員とその人物の管理責任者との間で書面または対面で検討される、従業員の仕事ぶりの評価のことです。


  1. Performance reviews usually take into account all aspects of job performance, including personal appearance and attitude towards co-workers.
  2. (a memo to all employees)
    Any employee who feels he or she has been unfairly evaluated in a performance review should report the matter to HR.
  3. My annual performance review is coming up next week. I'm a little nervous, especially with all the talk about downsizing this year.
  4. I had my performance review today. I don't think it went very well.
  5. My supervisor just gave me a copy of my performance review. It was much better than I expected; I'm getting a big raise!

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