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For Life

This kind of party has got everything - the element of surprise, food enough for everyone, and something to suit every guest's taste. AND when there's nothing left to do but the dirty dishes, you'll still have money left in your wallet. No wonder “luck” is its middle name!

Today's Lesson
POTLUCK (party)   持ち寄り(パーティー)


  • If a party or meal is potluck, each guest brings a dish to share with the other guests.
  • potluck のパーティーや食事では、他の客と分け合えるように、それぞれの客が料理を持ってきます。


  1. We're having a potluck party at our home this Sunday. Would you like to come?
  2. The dinner is going to be potluck. Do you think you could bring a salad?
  3. There's always a big potluck at the kids' school around Christmastime. All the families come, so there are dozens of dishes to choose from.

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