Happy First Day of March! Today we think we finally understand why February has only 28 days: Surely it's because the year is impatient for March to begin! And what better day for March to arrive on than Friday?

Here's your WordMaster for this great, great day!

DOZEN   1ダース

A dozen is twelve (12) of something.

(Be careful: We do NOT use the expressions "several ten", "a few ten", or "a couple ten" like the Japanese 数十の, etc. Instead, we normally use the expressions "several dozen", "a few dozen", or "a couple dozen". Also, although we can say "tens of thousands", "tens of millions", etc., we do NOT usually use the word "tens" by itself. In this case, we normally use the expression dozens.)

* See the 28 February 2002 WordMaster,"SEVERAL HUNDRED vs. HUNDREDS".

dozen は、12という意味です。

注意:数十のという意味で、"several ten"、 "a few ten"、 "a couple ten" という表現は使わず、"several dozen"、 "a few dozen"、 "a couple dozen" という言い方をします。また、"tens of thousands"、 "tens of millions" とは言いますが、単独で tens とは言いません。その場合は、dozens と言います。

* 2002/2/28の WordMaster "SEVERAL HUNDRED vs. HUNDREDS" 参照
1.Could you pick me up a dozen eggs at the store?
[NOTE: In the U.S., eggs are usually sold in packs of 12, NOT ten.]
2.A few dozen geese just flew over the house! Did you see them?
3.a:Have you been to this restaurant before?
b:Sure, dozens of times.
A TERRIFIC weekend to you!

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