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2005.11.18(Review of 2001.03.02 edition)

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Today's Lesson


  • During the day is the period from sunrise to sunset.

    At night is the period from sunset to sunrise. This expression is also often used to mean “in the evening”.
  • during the day は、日の出から日の入りまでの時間のことです。

    at night は、日の入りから日の出までをさし、この表現は、in the evening と同じ意味で使われることもよくあります。


  1. During our vacation in the Philippines, we were usually at the beach during the day and at the clubs at night.
  2. It can get quite hot here during the day, but it cools down quickly at night.
  3. a: Do you ever go out at night during the week?
    b: Sure. I sometimes go out for drinks after work with people from the office.
  4. On workdays, the only time I can see my children is at night, just before they go to bed.

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