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For Life

Welcome back!

For anyone who has to earn their living, here's a word that you can't do without!

Today's Lesson


  • A workday is any day on which you go to work or on which most people go to work.

    It is also the part of the day during which you work.
  • workday とは、自分が仕事に行く日、あるいは大半の人が仕事に行く日のことです。



  1. I'd better not stay up too late; tomorrow's a workday.
  2. Saturdays used to be workdays until our company switched to a 5-day workweek.
  3. (a retired person taking the train into the city)
    I wasn't expecting the train to be this crowded. I forgot that today was a workday.
  4. Most full-time employees have about an 8-hour workday, if you don't count overtime.

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