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As you can probably guess, most of the fine people who read Berlitz WordMaster each day live in the city. Now cities can be wonderful places in which to work, study, play, and bring up children, but like anything, we all know they have their darker side. This week we'll be talking about some of the ways a few not-so-fine people make life in the city more difficult for the rest of us. We'll call this set of WordMasters "Bad Boys".

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary
CRIME   犯罪


  • A crime  is an action that is against the law. To "commit a crime" means to do a crime.

    Be careful:
    Crime  can be both countable and uncountable. (See examples.)
  • crime  は、法律に反する行為、つまり、犯罪のことです。commit a crime  は、罪を犯す、という意味です。

    crime  は、数えられる名詞としても、数えられない名詞としても扱われます。(例文参照)


  1. It's a crime  to go into someone's home without their permission.
  2. I try not to read the newspaper very often. It's nothing but bad news - the latest crimes  and all the problems with the economy.
  3. Many crimes  can be prevented by using a little common sense
  4. There's much less crime  in New York than there used to be.

Be good today!