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It's good to see you! Thank you for remembering us as we begin our second year. Yes, today WordMaster is one year old!!!

We are very grateful to those who have been with us from Day 1, and thank you to those of you who've joined us since then. It is a great joy for us to be part of your lives five days a week. If you're happy to see us when you check the day's email, then we're doing our job well and we're content.

We chose a word for today's WordMaster that best shows how we feel about this day.

Fireworks are objects filled with chemicals that burn or explode to produce spectacular displays of bright colors or loud noises and that are often used to celebrate special events, such as the 4th of July.

The word fireworks can also be used to talk about fireworks shows.

fireworks は、火薬を詰めたもので、燃やしたり爆発させたりすると、鮮やかな色、大きな音が出ます。いわゆる花火です。7月4日のアメリカの独立記念日など、特別なイベントのとき、お祝いのためによく打ち上げられます。

fireworks は、花火大会の意味でも使われます。
1.I'm going to the store to buy a few bags of fireworks. The kids can set them off in the park tonight after the picnic. 
2.They're having fireworks all over Japan to celebrate the first anniversary of WordMaster. 
3.The Sumidagawa fireworks are perhaps the most spectacular in Japan.
4.The fireworks will start immediately after the baseball game.
Thanks for helping us celebrate today. We're so glad you came. And we're looking forward to another terrific year with you here at Berlitz WordMaster!