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For Life

Hello! What are you doing here? What an unexpected surprise!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
RUN INTO (= meet)   偶然出会う


  • If you run into someone, you meet them by chance.
  • run into someone と言うと、偶然誰かに出会う、という意味になります。


  1. I ran into an old friend of mine on the train the other day. It was a real surprise. We hadn't seen each other since high school.
  2. I ran into Jerry this morning. He was on his way to the dentist.
  3. Guess who I ran into today!
  4. (John runs into an old friend from home while traveling in Italy)
    Imagine running into you here, of all places! (= I never expected to run into you here.)

英会話レッスンIt was great seeing you!