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Today's Lesson
HOLD (THE LINE) / ON HOLD   (電話を)保留する/保留中


  • If someone asks you to hold or hold the line, they want you to stay on the line and wait.

    If you are on hold, you are on the line and waiting to speak to someone.
  • 電話中に hold または hold the line と言われたら、相手があなたに電話を切らずに待っていてほしいと頼んでいる、という意味になります。

    on hold というと、電話を切らずに誰かと話すのを待っている、という状態のことを言います。


  1. The following examples all take place on the phone:
  2. a: Her line is busy. Would you like to hold?
    b: No thank you. I'll call back later.
  3. Hold the line, please. I'll see if Ms. Pierce can speak with you.
  4. AGENT: I'm helping another customer at the moment. Can I put you on hold?
    CUSTOMER: Sure.
  5. (15 minutes later)
    AGENT: I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
    CUSTOMER: I've been on hold for 15 minutes!

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