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2005.03.30(Review of 2000.10.06 edition)

Hi! Today's WordMaster can be a frustrating one when you need to get in touch with a person right away!

Today's Lesson
BUSY (line)   話し中


  • Someone's line is busy if you try to call them but can't connect because they are talking on the phone with someone else.
  • 電話をしたとき、先方がすでに誰かと話していて、つながらない状態のことを the line is busy(話し中)と言います。


  1. Jack's line is busy. I'll have to call him back later.
  2. That pizza shop must be very popular; their line has been busy all day.
  3. (on the phone)
    Hi, Jack. I'm sorry I didn't call you earlier, but your line was busy.
  4. A “busy signal” is the sound you hear when you call someone and their line is busy.

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