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For Life
2005.02.18 (Review of 2000.11.27 edition)

Happy Friday! Let's “wrap up” this Valentine's week of WordMasters with one last edition about computers and the Internet. If this WordMaster was sent to you, then you should already be quite familiar with the subject of today's edition!

Today's Lesson
E-MAIL   Eメール、Eメールを送る


  • An e-mail is a message that is sent from one computer to another through the Internet or other network.

    To e-mail someone is to send someone an e-mail message.

    Be Careful! E-mail is used as both a countable noun (for example, “I get about 10 e-mails a day.”) and an uncountable noun (“I get a lot of e-mail every day.”).
  • e-mail は、インターネットや他のネットワークを通して、コンピューター間でやり取りするメッセージのことです。

    e-mail を動詞として使うと、Eメールを送る、という意味になります。

    注意:e-mail は数えられる名詞としても、数えられない名詞としても使われます。数えられる名詞として扱われる場合は、I get about 10 e-mails a day.(私は1日に10件Eメールをもらいます)のように、 数えられない名詞として扱われる場合は、I get a lot of e-mail every day.(私は毎日たくさんEメールをもらいます)のように使います。


  1. a: How should I contact you?
    b: Send me an e-mail. My address is Andy7456@mail.com.
  2. I get so much e-mail that I have to hire someone to read it for me.
  3. E-mails take longer to download if they include photographs or other graphics.
  4. Please call or e-mail me if you have any questions.

英会話レッスンEnjoy the weekend, then look for us again on Monday. Bye for now!