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For Life
2005.02.15(Review of 2000.08.29 edition)

Hello again! Were you a giver or receiver of chocolate yesterday? Although the tradition in Japan is for women to give chocolate to the important men in their lives, in the United States and several other countries, men also give gifts - chocolate and often roses - to that special female as well. Well, our gift to you this week and every week is the gift of knowledge!

Now it's time to open your latest present - the Tuesday edition!

Today's Lesson


  • URL means Uniform Resource Locator.  A URL is an address that tells you where to find information on the Internet.  For example, the URL for the Berlitz International homepage is www.berlitz.com.
    You can also call a URL a Web address.
  • URL は、Uniform Resource Locator の略です。URL は、インターネット上の情報をみつけるためのアドレスです。例えば、ベルリッツ・インターナショナルのホームページの URL は、www.berlitz.com です。
    URL のことを Web address と言うこともできます。


  1. a: Do you know the URL for Lori's Web site?
    b:  It's www.lori'sworld.net.
  2. It's important to choose Web address and email addresses that are easy to remember.
  3. The company must have changed their Web address. I can't access their online catalogue anymore.

英会話レッスンSince you now know all about Web addresses, we're pleased to announce that U R L-igible to receive the next edition of Berlitz WordMaster this time tomorrow. See you then!